Saturday, 12 July 2014


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I have been debating with myself for a while now about whether I should start writing a blog and I finally decided, as I graduate next week, that now is the perfect time to begin. As of next week I will no longer be a student and I will have lots of time on my hands. This blog will be a way to cure my boredom, keep me busy and hopefully enlighten you, lovely readers, with top tips on how to save money whilst still looking and feeling amazing.

My 3 favorite words:
Bargain. Cheap. Sale.

About 95% of the clothes and makeup that I own are top brands, designer or good quality high street and yet, I'm sure that the majority of them weren't bought full price. As a student I haven't had the money to spend on the designer goods I love so much. I have become pretty adapt at finding bargains everywhere I go and knowing how and where to save money when shopping.

I have named my blog "Mimicryer" as I plan on showing you how to "mimic" designer or expensive outfits for a fraction of the cost!

Charity shops, sales and T.K.Maxx are your new best friend.

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  1. I like the idea on which you started your blog.
    I do the same.I love designer bags,but i can't afford them full price,because I"m also a student.So I wait and "hunt"..:)


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