Monday, 1 December 2014

Paint it Black

Everybody loves a bargain, no one more than me, so when Black Friday arrived there was no way I would miss some of the deals on offer on the high street. After being paid the day before, working 10 hours overtime that week and working in retail on Black Friday itself(it was absolutely mental in Zara!) I definitely deserved a treat.

Left to Right
Kayla Leather Loafers, Topshop, Was £48 Now £25 Similar Here
Quilted Messenger Bag, Pull and Bear, Was £19.99 Now £12.99 Available Here
Slogan Sweatshirt, Zara, Was £17.99 Now £11.69 Similar Here
Jeans, Zara, Was £19.99 Now £16.99 Available Here
Studio Top, Zara, Was £29.99 Now £19.49 Alternative Here
Extra Long Cardigan, Zara, Was £59.99 Now £38.99 Alternative Here
Zara had 20% off selected items and with my extra 15% staff discount it was an offer too good to miss. With Pull and Bear being a sister company of Zara I could use my staff discount in there too and they had 20% off everything which was amazing! I don't shop in Pull and Bear often but I definitely will be in the future. Everything is a really reasonable price and the clothing is lovely. I payed a visit to Urban Outfitters but wasn't hugely impressed, although they had 30, 40 and 50% off many items. The last place I went was Topshop which had 50% off specific things and a few other items in the sale. I decided to buy things I had been eyeing up for a while, I had been wanting a long cardigan for ages, and only bought things I was absolutely in love with! I bought a couple of things for my Boyfriend too but they are top secret and hidden away for Christmas.

Yesterday I went for a lovely stroll and Sunday lunch on Lark Lane in Liverpool and decided to wear some of my new purchases! I had wanted a pair of plain jeans as I don't own a pair (how I have survived I have no idea!) and this pair from Zara are perfect. I always thought that I had to spend a lot of money in order to get the perfect fit and style of jeans but I was totally wrong! This pair fit amazingly and are super comfy. At under £20 you really can't go wrong! I decided to team it with my slogan top which featured on my Zara Wishlist and it really is so easy to wear. It was such a good buy and I know I will be throwing it on over absolutely everything. I was struggling to decide whether to buy the cardigan because even with 35% off I didn't know if I really needed it for the money. But as my sister said "it is the size of 2 cardigans" and I am so glad that I went ahead and bought it. The material is amazingly soft and comfy and I can't wait to team it with maxi dresses and wrap skirts in the winter.

The accessories I bought on Black Friday weren't planned, and probably weren't needed, but they were amazing gems hidden among the shoppers and rails of clothes that I looked at. The quilted bag was an absolute steal from Pull and Bear. We sell an almost identical bag at Zara which is £10 more than this one. A black shoulder bag is an essential to any wardrobe and the quilts on this one add sophistication and style. I also wore my new loafers from Topshop. They weren't part of the Black Friday deals but they were in the sale section. I was drawn to them as soon as I saw them. They look so much more expensive then they are and could definitely be made by a top designer. The shoes are 100% leather and have a slightly thicker, chunky sole which makes them unique. I absolutely love them and I can't believe they were only £25!! They will go with absolutely everything, from jeans to dresses, and I will be wearing them in the day and on nights out when heels are just too hard work...

What bargains did you pick up? I hope you all had an amazing weekend and have an even greater week.


  1. Your long cardi is absolutely amazing! Sale season is so exciting, I always love to hear and see what everyone bought. Your finds all look so great! x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

    1. Thank you! Sale season is my favourite! I love seeing everyone else's stuff too, makes me jealous though when they have found amazing things. xx

  2. I LOVE that grey marl long ribbed cardigan. It's gorgeous! Xx


  3. Love the sweatshirt, looks like you got some great deals!

    99 OUTFITS

  4. I absolutely love your sweater and the shoes! I wish I'd been brave enough to shop on Black Friday (I was petrified it would be way too busy!) - these look like amazing purchases! xx

    Viva Epernay | Benefit Giveaway

    1. Thank you! It was ridiculously busy but I was working in town anyway so thought I may as well. There were some great online deals too. :) xx

  5. Those loafers are really cool <3 great look !

    x Blanche


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