Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I'm feeling 22.

I can't say i'm much of a Taylor Swift fan but it was my 22nd Birthday the other week so obviously her song lyrics felt fitting for this blog title. I had a stressful time over Christmas and most of January with work being so busy and feeling a bit lost in life but I finally had a full week and a bit off to celebrate my Birthday, see my family and dress in something other than my work uniform! I decided to go down to London to visit my amazing twin sister so we could celebrate together and we spent the day walking around Marylebone and then having a super posh afternoon tea and champagne at the Wolseley.
Embroided blazer, Zara, Was £129 Now £19.99
Cotton Cami, Ralph Lauren, Was Unknown Now £5
Leather ankle boots, & other stories, Gift
Satchel, The Leather Satchel Company, Borrowed
Marylebone is known for it's designer boutiques and trendy, upper class restaurants. It is, so i'm told, an excellent place to go celebrity spotting. The Wolseley is one of Stephen Fry's favourite places to eat and, although I saw no celebrities that day I still wanted to dress like one! I had been given a lovely pair of & Other Stories ankle boots for my birthday and decided to match them with my newest work purchase, a gorgeous beaded blazer. The blue colours of both complimented each other completely and the blazer not only kept me warm but the embroidery on it added the sophistication that I was looking for in the outfit. They were both absolute bargains too with the blazer priced at £19.99 instead of £129 and the shoes from T.K.Maxx for £29.99 instead of £80. I couldn't be happier! I decided to make the blazer the centre of attention (it really is even more gorgeous in real life!) so wore a simple Ralph Lauren cotton cami and my twin's satchel bag to finish the outfit off. I really did feel special in this outfit and didn't feel at all out of place at the Wolseley.

It was an amazing day!


  1. Afternoon Tea sounds absolutely perfect and looks rather delicious. That blazer is stunning such a cool colour and what a bargain :) x

  2. Looks like you had a fun birthday :)
    Anyways, do you wanna follow each other? :D

  3. Happy belated Birthday! You looked beautiful, sounded like a great day! Emma xox

  4. Happy belated bday...u guys look so identical. Pls visit:

  5. LOVING those ankle boots. And the satchel is lovely x


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