Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Last of the sales.

The winter sales are drawing to a close, the knitwear and boots are slowly leaving the shops and yet somewhere, hidden among the neglected, slightly worse for wear sale clothing, that is now strewn across the floor, are some amazingly cheap, beautifully forgotten about clothes just wishing they had a home. As I stare at the devastation that is the last bit of what once was an amazing, shop sized sale I can't help but find some wonderful pieces that are now practically being given away. The end of the sales may not look pretty but you really can find some amazing things at such a good price. You have to be patient, and look long and hard through an assortment of make-up stained shirts and amazingly massive (or tiny!) sized pants but there, hidden away are probably some of the best, and cheapest, things you will ever buy!

Pink wrap coat, H&M, Was £99 Now £10 (well free... kind of...) Amazing Pink Coats Here
Real cashmere jumper, Zara, Was £89.99 Now £15.99
Dogtooth cigarette trousers, Zara, Was £39.99 Now £9.99 Available Here
Gold buckle red platform sandles, French Connection, Was £129 Now £10 Look Out On eBay
Oversize Bag, Primark, £12
Every year there is a massive urge to run to the shops as soon as the sales start and spend your entire Christmas money in one day on things you don't really want and definitely don't really need. Don't get me wrong, if there is something that I have really wanted in the sale I will go and buy it straight away before it sells out. But this year as I was working straight after Christmas I did't really have the chance to go shopping right away and I was trying to be as good as possible to save my money. However, this seemed to work to my advantage as last week I decided to go to some shops, such as H&M, to see if there was any sale left as I hadn't been to look at all. Working in retail myself I have seen that since the sales started there have been numerous mark downs on sale items (the biggest one being a week after the sale started!) so holding off can actually be amazing when trying to get a bargain.

I stumbled across this amazing Wrap Coat in H&M and immediately took it to the counter when I found there was no price on it. I had seen it before when it was full price but thought it might be a little bit too pink for me as pink really isn't my favourite colour. The lady at the counter was stunned and spluttered out that it was now only £10 reduced from £100! The sale was also buy one get one free and as I wanted to buy a £25 knitted jumper anyway I really thought it was best to give the coat a new home. So I technically got a £100 coat for free. I absolutely love the style but I'm still not 100% sure about the colour. What do you think?

I went to my favourite shop of all time, T.K.Maxx, to see if, by any luck, they had a sale too. Everything is so cheap in there anyway I wasn't expecting much. To my astonishment they had a small, but amazing, final clearance section and I managed to buy these amazing French Connection Buckle Detail Platforms for a steal at only £10. Again, I had seen them a while ago and couldn't justify buying them but for £10 I really couldn't say no. They are so comfortable and the block colours make them stylish and easy to match with most things. I can't wait to wear them on a proper night out.

Working in Zara I had a small advantage of being able to see the sale items and how many were left in stock. I had wanted these dogtooth trousers for ages as I have a similar dark purple/red pair and when they were reduced even further to £9.99 I decided to buy them. They go with everything and look super cool on. I'm waiting for summer when I can pair them with a cami and some leather sandals. I also bought this wonderful 100% Cashmere sweater for a bargain price. I have always wanted a cashmere sweater but they are way too expensive for me to buy full price. I couldn't believe my luck when I found this one at work, hidden away in the wrong place. I think it must have been a return because all the cashmere sold out as soon as it went in the sale. It is so soft and being black means I can wear it will absolutely everything! I threw on my oversized bag from Primark which is the only thing I didn't get in the sale but it is my favourite.

It is ridiculous to think that this entire outfit, including designer brands and cashmere, cost me under £60! (Not even including the extra staff discount I get.) When the summer sales come along I will definitely be holding out for as long as possible to see if I can practically steal anything else.

P.S Sorry about the rubbish photos. It started raining...


Happy Valentines day. This outfit is perfectly pink for the day. Hope your hearts are full of love. <3


  1. Nice pants :)


  2. You look great dear! Love that coat


  3. I really like this colour on you, you should def keep wearing it! Love your style :) x

    Always, Alice x

    1. I'm still not sure but thank you! Will definitely have to wear it more and see if the colour grows on me xx

  4. I can never find anything good in the sales! I love the coat you found though x


    1. I have to search through absolutely everything but eventually I find things. Keep looking I'm sure you will too! xx

  5. Nice shoes...

  6. I really like the bag and the coat looks soooo comfy <3
    And I am following you now :D

    1. Oh thank you for the follow! The coat really is super comfy and the bag is my favourite! :)

  7. Lovely pinky coat!!!

    I am following you via gfc now <3

    Visit me: Kapege life moments :)

  8. Omg I love everything on you! Your coat and those shoes! Gorgeous look ever!



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