Saturday, 18 April 2015

We are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.

My Grandma was cheeky. If you were to look at her you would see a glint of mischievousness in her eyes alongside a kind smile. She loved nothing more to sneak £5 notes into my hand when no one was looking and say with a hushed excitement "Don't tell your Grandad!". If I was not lying on her floral sofa half asleep in a food coma of chocolate cake, rice crispy cakes and what can only be described as the best Shepard's Pie in the whole universe (which was actual cottage pie because it was made with beef), she liked to feed me the most sugar in one bowl as possible to make me happy. Her specialty was putting chocolate chips in a bowl of coco pops for breakfast or, as seen above, giving me ice cream with sugared strawberries, chocolate chips AND sprinkles. Although my teeth won't thank her, my heart will because her bowls of sugary delight made me extremely happy.

She was determined and committed, in her own way, and would never fail to have knitted the new colour jumper or beanie hat or soft toy that i'd asked for the next time I went to visit. Her jumpers and cardigans were amazing and soft and she would even treat me to fancy or coloured buttons or pockets if I had been really good. I still have a knitted frog from her when I was little and she made me and my sisters matching monkey friends in different colours (including a bizarre looking pink one!). She liked to watch Dad's Army and Button Moon. She liked to buy extra deodorants and give them to me when she knew I had run out. She liked to have a medium sized glass of sherry before a meal. She liked collecting glass animals, butterfly broaches and tea sets. She liked saving Asda magazines for me to read.

As my twin said "It's weird because it seemed as if Grandma and Grandad would last forvever" and that's why this week has seemed so long, hard and emotional. And so, as the world says goodbye to Grandma I'd just like to say;

I miss you, I love you. You were such an amazing and caring women, truly the best Grandma in all the world and one day I hope to be as perfect a Grandma as you.


  1. This was such a lovely and sad read. Grandparents really are the best :) I'm sorry for your lost Xx

    1. Thank you. Grandparents really are the best! I'm glad you read this and felt something, my grandmother was an amazing person. xx


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