About me

After a long, hard debate with myself over whether to start a blog, "Mimicryer" emerged from the boredom of me, Grace Strickland de Souza, a 23 year old drama graduate from Sheffield, UK. After graduating in July 2014, I decided that the many hours of free time that I have would be better put to use writing.

What started as a fashion & beauty blog has suddenly evolved into a blog about life. After an unexpected loss in my life I've started to question the world around me and find writing a therapy to cope, reflect and rememeber.

The name "Mimicryer" emerged from the word "mimicry" and as a fashion blog I showed readers how to "mimic" designer or expensive outfits for a fraction of the cost. I thought the name was still fitting as I'm learning how to conceal my grief and find happiness again.

If you want to know more about me or my blog feel free to ask. I'm always looking for other blogs to be inspired by so please send me your blog links and anything you find interesting and want to share!

Thank you for looking at my blog and I hope you enjoy it xxx

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